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Window doesn't refresh under Gnome.

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Component: Rendering Version: 1.3.0
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I tried this in a typical Gnome environment, but the window never refreshed and X hogged 100% of the CPU.

import Graphics.Gloss.Game
import Graphics.Gloss
import Data.Maybe (maybe)
import Debug.Trace

main = do
      let state = St Nothing []
      gameInWindow "Test Game" (1400,1050) (0,0) white 100 state makePicture handleEvent stepWorld

data State = St (Maybe Path) [Picture]
type Segment = ((Float, Float), (Float, Float))

makePicture :: State -> Picture
makePicture (St m xs) = Pictures (maybe xs (\x -> Line x : xs) m)

handleEvent :: Event -> State -> State
handleEvent e st = trace (show e) (handleE e st)

handleE (EventMotion (x,y)) st@(St (Just ps) ss) = St (Just ((x-418,516 - y):ps)) ss -- Here is the offset for a 1/2 window on xmonad
handleE (EventKey (MouseButton LeftButton) Down _ pt@(x,y)) st@(St Nothing ss) = St (Just [pt]) (Translate x y (Text "Down") : ss)
handleE (EventKey (MouseButton LeftButton) Up _ pt@(x,y)) st@(St (Just ps) ss) = St Nothing (Translate x y (Text "up") : Line (pt:ps) : ss)
handleE _ st = st

stepWorld :: Float -> State -> State
stepWorld _ = id

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Works for me with a standard Ubuntu 10.10 install in a Parallels VM. I've added the drawing application to the examples as gloss-draw.

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