Aug 15, 2011:

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1:29 AM Ticket #21 (Avoid re-creating textures during each frame) created by benl
The current drawPicture function reverses the byte order of textures …
1:20 AM Ticket #20 (Use bmp library for loading BMP files) created by benl
Gloss includes baked in support for loading BMP files, but we don't …

Aug 11, 2011:

4:45 AM Ticket #19 (Need an easier way to load image files) closed by benl
4:38 AM Ticket #18 (Documentation typo) closed by benl
4:37 AM Ticket #17 (Add circleSolid function) closed by benl

Aug 8, 2011:

3:52 AM Ticket #19 (Need an easier way to load image files) created by cdsmith
Currently, the Bitmap constructor for Picture requires a ByteString?
3:49 AM Ticket #18 (Documentation typo) created by cdsmith
There is a typo in the documentation, in Graphics.Gloss.Data.Picture.

Aug 4, 2011:

1:33 AM Ticket #13 (Text does not appear in the expected place) closed by benl
1:32 AM Ticket #17 (Add circleSolid function) created by benl
circleSolid r = thickCircle (r/2) r like rectanglesolid
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