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#32 Spurious "Invalid Operation" errors under Windows 7 64-bit new defect normal 1.8.0 Unknown
#33 GLUT doesn't return correct KeyPad events under Linux / XMonad new defect normal 1.8.0 Unknown
#34 Add alpha to bitmap Picture constructor new enhancement normal 1.8.0 Rendering
#38 Remove Num Point orphan instance, or at least shift it to a different module. new enhancement normal 1.8.0 Unknown
#39 Better docs for mixColors new defect normal 1.8.0 Unknown
#40 When running gloss in GHCi, pressing esc should go back to the GHCi prompt. new defect normal 1.8.0 Unknown
#4 Add commands to run/stop and single step simulation mode. new enhancement normal User Interface
#11 Do something about non-convex polygons new defect normal Rendering
#27 Eq instance is not compatible with Monoid instance for Picture new defect normal Unknown
#28 Tweak semantics to emphasize algebraic interpretation new enhancement normal Unknown
#29 Add a gloss-raster wrapper to inspect an image without animation. new enhancement normal 1.8.0 User Interface
#30 gloss-fluid example stutters on startup new defect normal Unknown
#3 Add render option commands from ANUPlot new enhancement low User Interface
#8 Add FPS counter / HUD display new enhancement low User Interface
#10 add antialiasing new enhancement low Rendering
#31 Graceful handling of projection stack overflow. new enhancement low Rendering
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